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Garrett's new Advanced Pulse Induction (API) Technology

The Garrett Infinium LS is a completely new kind of detector, one the industry has never before seen, featuring Advanced Pulse Induction (API) technology, the industry's greatest innovation in years. Experience what over forty years of leadership in technology, testing and metal detector design has allowed Garrett to bring to our hobby. This new technology, teamed with remarkable Power DD search coil, provides treasure hunters everywhere with the most stable, rigid and performance packed detector in the world.


Garrett Infinium Metal Detector
Garrett Infinium Metal Detector Face Plate

The Infinium LS underwater metal detector is a new direction for Garrett, the industry leader, and for treasure hunters and prospectors all over the world. It is specially designed to provide excellent detection depth and stability in mineralized environments where conventional detectors suffer performance loss. The waterproof design of the Infinium LS ("L" for land, "S" for sea) makes it the first metal detector highly recommended for both land detecting, shallow and deep water diving. Three controls are all you need to successfully hunt for relics, jewelry and gold. The Discrimination Dial provides "all metal" hunting or varying degrees of discrimination to help eliminate unwanted targets and to assist in audible target identification.

Superior Performance, Easy-To-Use. No complicated adjustments. When hunting the Automatic Ground Track allows the you to "lock" the ground track for best performance or, choose "slow" or "fast" automatic tracking depending on the soil. The operating frequency of the detector may be adjusted to minimize electrical interference that slows other detectors down.
Choose from four different control housing configurations. Hip mount or under the cuff is recommended, but above or below the stem are also options. Either way, the lightweight power of the Infinium LS will find more treasure. Requires eight AA batteries to provide 10-15 hours of treasure hunting.


Completely new kind of detector for treasure hunting in any environment, no matter how extreme, including mineralized ground.
Convergence of technologies including Garrett's exclusive new Advanced Pulse Induction (API).
Waterproof design for land and sea detecting.
Easy operation with just three controls; effortlessly holds at optimum performance.
Discrimination Dial provides all-metal detecting or varying degrees of discrimination; discrimination for nearly 100% of detection depth.
Tone ID helps identify targets via distinct audio tones.
Reverse Discrimination capability significantly assists in identifying most iron.
Adjustable operating frequency minimizes electrical interference.
Automatic Ground Track with lock, slow and fast settings to master changing soil conditions.
Audio Threshhold adjustment to suit individual hunting styles and listening needs.
Rugged go-anywhere design and stable, quiet performance.
Lightweight, power-saving design uses eight AA batteries.
Choice of four different control housing configurations: hip-mount, under the cuff, above or below the stem.

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